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Soft Tissue Surgery

Rediscover the Elegance in Your Smile

Smiling is one of the most beautiful ways for people to express themselves and share positive energy. However, sometimes gum problems or aesthetic concerns can overshadow this beautiful expression. At this point, soft tissue surgery comes into play.

Soft tissue surgery is a special field of surgery that aims to correct, improve and add aesthetic beauty to the mouth and surrounding tissues. It aims to increase patients’ self-confidence by prioritising smile aesthetics. These surgical methods optimise oral functions as well as solving gum problems.


Definition of Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgery includes surgical procedures performed to correct or reshape the gums, mucosa and surrounding tissues. Methods such as gingivectomy and gingivoplasty correct the gum line, while mucogingival surgery aims to create a tissue base suitable for implant applications.

Purpose of Soft Tissue Surgery

The main purpose of soft tissue surgery is to help patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles by solving aesthetic problems in their smiles. These surgical interventions improve oral functions by protecting gum health and improve the quality of life of patients. At the same time, it creates a suitable basis for advanced dental treatments such as dental implants or dentures.

Get ready to discover the unique opportunities offered by soft tissue surgery to rediscover the elegance in your smile. In our clinic equipped with advanced technology and expertise, you can maximise your smile aesthetics and rebuild your self-confidence with a treatment plan designed specifically for you.

Smile Aesthetics and Soft Tissue: A Finely Corrected Smile

Smile is the way people express themselves and communicate sincerely. However, gum problems or aesthetic concerns can affect smile aesthetics. Fortunately, soft tissue surgical methods such as gingivectomy, gingivoplasty and mucogingival surgery offer important opportunities for improvement in the smile line and solution of aesthetic problems.

Smile Line Correction with Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty

The improvement in the smile line is achieved by regulating the gum tissue and making it aesthetically appropriate.


In this method, excess gum tissue is surgically removed. It makes the teeth look longer and more proportionate. At the same time, it makes the smile more aesthetic.


It is a method applied to correct and shape the gum line. It balances the smile aesthetically by eliminating unwanted gum excesses.

These surgical procedures help you achieve a more symmetrical and attractive smile by correcting aesthetic problems in your smile.

Mucogingival Surgery to Create a Suitable Tissue Base for Dental Implants and Prostheses

Mucogingival surgery is a surgical method that aims to create a suitable tissue base for dental implants or prosthesis applications. This procedure improves the relationship between gum and mucous tissues, increases the success rate of implants and contributes to a more natural appearance of prostheses.

Suitable Tissue Base for Dental Implants

Mucogingival surgery creates a healthy tissue base that supports the integration of the implants into the jawbone. This is an important step for successful implant treatment.

Aesthetic Tissue Support for Dentures

In prosthesis applications, the aesthetic tissue support provided by mucogingival surgery allows the prosthesis to have a more natural and aesthetic appearance. This significantly improves the patient’s smile aesthetics.

Smile aesthetics and soft tissue surgery is a critical treatment option that increases patients’ self-confidence and enables them to achieve healthy, aesthetic smiles. These methods, combined with the experience of our specialists and the modern technology of our clinic, offer you a smile corrected in fine details.

Healthy Gums, Beautiful Smile: Positive Effects of Soft Tissue Surgery on Gum Health

A smile starts with healthy gums. Gum health forms the basis of an aesthetic smile and is also an indicator of overall oral health. Soft tissue surgery has a positive effect on gum health and contributes to patients to have a beautiful and healthy smile.

Importance of Gum Health

Healthy gums are an important element that forms the support tissues around the teeth. Gum problems are not only an aesthetic problem, but can lead to tooth loss, bad breath and general oral health problems. Soft tissue surgery supports a healthy smile by focusing on solving these problems.

Positive Contributions of Soft Tissue Surgery to Gum Health

Treatment of Gum Inflammation

Soft tissue surgery helps to treat gingivitis effectively. With procedures such as gingivectomy, inflamed gum tissue is removed and a healthy healing process is initiated.

Aesthetic Arrangement with Gingivoplasty

Gingivoplasty provides an aesthetic balance by regulating the gum line. Unwanted gum excesses are removed and the smile gains a more symmetrical appearance.

Implant Compatibility with Mucogingival Surgery

Mucogingival surgery supports the integration of implants into the jawbone by creating a suitable tissue base for dental implants. This is a critical factor for successful implant treatment.

Improving Oral Hygiene

After soft tissue surgery, patients are encouraged to pay more attention to oral hygiene. Healthy gums can be maintained with regular care and hygiene habits.

Soft Tissue Surgery for Healthy Gums, Beautiful Smile

Soft tissue surgery contributes to patients’ beautiful smiles by prioritising gum health. These surgical interventions treat gum problems along with aesthetic improvements, allowing patients to feel confident. Our specialists are pleased to support you for healthy gums and beautiful smiles with modern technology and personalised approaches.

Safe and Effective Surgery with our Expert Team: Quality Service Supported by Modern Technology

Surgical interventions for smile aesthetics and dental health are a sensitive area that requires expertise and experience. In our clinic, we offer a service supported by modern technology, combined with an experienced team specialised in this field.

The role of our experienced team

Smile aesthetics and soft tissue surgery is a field that requires meticulousness and expertise. Our expert surgeons form a team that is equipped with years of experience and follows current developments with continuous training. Our team, which has come together to provide the best service to our patients, handles each treatment with a personalised approach.

Inspection and Evaluation

Our specialists assess the general health status of our patients and perform detailed examinations to understand their smile aesthetic goals.

Surgical Planning

A special surgical plan is created for each patient. This plan is designed by taking into account the needs, expectations and general health status of the person.

Surgical Procedures

Our expert surgeons perform smile aesthetics and soft tissue surgery procedures using modern surgical techniques and equipment.

Postoperative Care

After the operation, our patients are given special care instructions and their recovery process is closely monitored.

Modern Technology Based Services We Offer

Our clinic aims to provide a high-level experience to its patients by using the latest technology in smile aesthetics and surgical interventions. The modern technology-based services we offer include:

Digital Imaging

Advanced digital imaging techniques play an important role in surgical planning and assessment of the patient’s condition.

Laser Technology

The use of laser provides faster healing processes by increasing the sensitivity in surgical procedures.

3D Imaging Systems

We use 3D imaging systems that offer a more detailed and personalised approach to surgical planning and implant applications.

With the experience of our expert team and the modern technology we offer, we offer our patients a safe, effective and comfortable surgical experience. We welcome you to our clinic to safely deliver your smile aesthetics and dental health in expert hands.

The Surgical Process: From Precise Planning to Successful Execution

Smile aesthetics and soft tissue surgery requires a carefully planned surgical process. In our clinic, the two basic stages of this process, which are specially designed for the needs of each patient, are examination and evaluation and personalised surgical planning, making a successful application possible.

Inspection and Evaluation Phase

Every surgical process begins with an accurate examination and evaluation. This stage involves our specialists assessing the patient’s general health, existing gum structure and smile aesthetics.

General Health Assessment

The general health status of the patient is a critical factor in determining the appropriateness of surgical intervention. Existing health problems, allergies and medications are taken into consideration during the surgical planning process.

Smile Analysis

Smile aesthetic expectations are determined. By analysing the gum line, tooth size and symmetry, the patient’s specific smile goals are determined.

Radiological Evaluation

If necessary, a detailed evaluation of the oral and dental structure is performed using digital x-rays and imaging techniques.

Personalised Surgical Planning

Based on the results of the examination and evaluation, a customised surgical plan is created for each patient. This plan is designed to meet the person’s aesthetic and health goals.

Treatment Options Presentation

The patient is provided with detailed information about his/her current condition and the proposed surgical interventions. Treatment options aim to improve smile aesthetics and gum health.

Explanation of the Surgical Process

Details of the surgical interventions, expectations and risks are explained to the patient. This stage allows the patient to ask all questions about the surgical process.

Patient Consent

The surgical plan is submitted to the patient for approval. No surgical procedure is performed without the patient’s full understanding and consent.

These stages of the surgical process are vital to gain the patient’s trust and achieve successful results. Every step aims for patient satisfaction and a healthy smile. Our expert team manages your surgical process in the best way with modern technology and a personalised approach, offering you a reliable and effective treatment experience.

Comfort and support after surgery: We are at your side during your recovery

Successful results of surgical interventions depend on meticulous planning of postoperative care. In our clinic, post-surgical comfort and support are prioritised to ensure that our patients have a comfortable recovery process.

Postoperative Care Guidelines

Pain Control

Prescription or non-prescription painkillers may be recommended to minimise pain and discomfort that may occur in the postoperative period. Our patients are given detailed information about the regular and correct use of medication.

Diet and Nutrition

A soft diet may be recommended after surgical intervention. In this process, specific nutritional recommendations are offered to accelerate the healing process and reduce pain.

Special Attention to Oral Hygiene

Keeping the surgical site clean is an important part of reducing the risk of infection. Our specialists explain to our patients in detail the special instructions for oral hygiene after surgery.

Stitch Care

If the surgical procedure requires sutures, detailed instructions on suture care are given. It is important to observe special care practices to ensure that the sutures heal properly.

Follow-up of the Recovery Process and Doctor Checks

Control Appointments

The doctor controls planned for follow-up after surgery are important in order to closely follow the patient’s recovery process. Regular attendance at follow-up appointments is critical to detect potential problems early.

Monitoring Developments

Possible developments in the recovery process and any discomfort experienced by the patient should be reported to our doctors immediately. This allows urgent measures to be taken if necessary.

Complying with Recommendations

Following all the doctor’s instructions is important for a successful recovery. Regular use of medication, compliance with dietary recommendations and attention to hygiene rules have a positive effect on the healing process.

Post-surgical comfort and support is a primary commitment of our clinic to ensure that our patients have a safe and comfortable recovery. Our team of specialists will provide you with reliable guidance after surgery, helping you to maintain your health at the highest level.

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