Surgical Treatments

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Surgical Treatments

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Surgical Treatments

Bone Grafting

Bone is critical for the successful realisation of oral rehabilitation applications such as dental implants.

Impacted Tooth Surgery

Impacted tooth refers to teeth that have not fully erupted or have not grown sufficiently under the gum or in the jawbone.

Jaw Structure Deformation

Jaw structure deformation are among the complex conditions that can have significant effects on smile aesthetics and masticatory functions of individuals.

Open or Closed Sinus Lift

Sinus lifting is a surgical procedure aimed at creating the necessary amount of bone in the jawbone for implant placement.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Smiling is one of the most beautiful ways for people to express themselves and share positive energy.

Surgical Treatment of Cysts

Cysts that can occur in the mouth and jaw area are defined as abnormal cyst sacs in the tooth and jaw structure.

Surgical Treatments for Your Oral and Dental Health

Your dental health is an integral part of your overall health. Therefore, working with a specialised dental clinic when you encounter dental problems is the basis of having a healthy smile. Our clinic in Antalya offers you a comprehensive service in the specialities related to surgical treatments.

Implant and Advanced Implant Surgery

Tooth loss can cause not only aesthetic but also functional problems. Our implant and advanced implant surgery offers the closest solutions to natural teeth, restoring your smile.

Impacted Tooth Operation

Impacted tooth operations provide aesthetic and functional gains by preserving the natural structure of the teeth. This procedure is a method used especially to fill the gaps caused by tooth extraction.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction can sometimes be inevitable. However, tooth extractions performed in our clinic are performed with minimally invasive methods and professional care, minimising the healing process.

Soft Tissue Surgery

To achieve an aesthetic smile, it is sometimes necessary to correct soft tissues. With soft tissue surgery, we make your smile perfect by providing aesthetic and functional improvements.

In our clinic, surgical interventions such as cyst surgery, jaw structure deformities, open or closed sinus lifting, bone augmentation are also performed. These specific treatments are meticulously performed by our expert team and offer personalised solutions.

We are here to offer you the best oral and dental health service in our modern and comfortable practice environment in the historical atmosphere of Antalya. Contact us to step into a healthy smile and be treated in expert hands. We will be happy to reveal the beauty in your smile with our special treatment plans.