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Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure applied to restore the natural whiteness of the teeth or to achieve a whiter appearance. Today, it is an aesthetic dental treatment method that is gaining popularity and is frequently preferred.


Tooth discolouration and its causes

Teeth may lose their colour over time due to various factors and may experience discolouration. These discolourations are usually caused by the following reasons:

Dietary Habits: Consumption of coloured beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine and dark-coloured foods can cause tooth discolouration.

Tobacco Use: Smoking or using tobacco products can lead to yellowing and staining of the teeth.

Ageing: With age, the enamel becomes thinner and the underlying yellow-coloured dentin layer becomes more prominent, which can cause yellowing of the teeth.

Genetic Factors: Genetic factors can cause some people’s teeth to be naturally whiter or more yellow.

Teeth Whitening Techniques

Teeth whitening techniques include various methods to lighten the colour of teeth or remove stains. The most commonly used teeth whitening techniques are:

Home Whiteners: Home whiteners prescribed by the dentist or sold in pharmacies are filled into a special plaque and applied to the teeth.

Professional Whitening in the Office: It is a professional whitening procedure performed in a dentist clinic. It is applied using strong whitening gels and special light or laser devices.

Combination Whitening: It is a method obtained by combining whiteners used at home with professional whitening techniques performed in the office.

Each whitening technique has its advantages and disadvantages. The dentist will perform an assessment to determine the most appropriate method based on the patient’s needs and the condition of their teeth.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening provides many advantages beyond just being an aesthetic procedure. Here are some of the benefits of teeth whitening:

Enhancing Aesthetic Appearance: Lightening the colour of teeth or removing stains can dramatically improve a person’s smile. White and bright teeth are perceived as a symbol of a youthful, healthy and attractive appearance.

Increased Self-Confidence: Whiter and more attractive teeth can boost a person’s self-confidence. An aesthetically pleasing smile can help to feel more comfortable in social interactions and display a more positive image.

Rejuvenating Effect: With the aging process, discolouration of the teeth can be one of the signs of a person’s age. Teeth whitening can help the person to give the impression of youth and vitality by making the teeth look younger and fresher.

These benefits of teeth whitening are not only an aesthetic improvement, but also significant effects that improve the overall quality of life and self-confidence of the person. However, it is important to meet with your dentist before teeth whitening and determine the appropriate treatment option. It is also important to be informed about the side effects and limitations of teeth whitening.

Post-Tooth Whitening Care

Proper care and habits after teeth whitening ensure that the whitening results obtained are long-lasting. Here are the recommended steps for care after teeth whitening:

Dental Hygiene Recommendations

Paying special attention to dental hygiene after teeth whitening will help you keep your teeth healthy and white. Here are suggestions for dental hygiene:

Regular Brushing: Brush your teeth at least twice a day, morning and evening. Use toothpastes containing fluoride and make each brushing process last at least two minutes.

Use of Dental Floss: Use dental floss or an interdental brush to remove plaque and food debris that builds up between your teeth. This helps prevent stains and discolouration between your teeth.

Mouthwash Support your oral hygiene by using an antiseptic mouthwash. This reduces bacteria in the mouth and protects gum health.

Habits Preventing Colouration

After teeth whitening, it is important to develop anti-colouring habits to keep your teeth white.

Avoid coloured foods and drinks: Limit the consumption of coloured drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine and dark foods.

Avoid Tobacco Use: Smoking or using tobacco products can cause discolouration and yellowing of the teeth. Stay away from such habits.

Do Not Neglect Dental Hygiene: Go to your dentist regularly and take care of your dental hygiene. This will help keep your teeth white and healthy.

Aftercare after teeth whitening is important to maintain the whitening results achieved. By following the above recommendations, you can ensure that your teeth remain healthy, white and bright.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Answering frequently asked questions about teeth whitening is important for understanding the treatment process and managing expectations. Here are frequently asked questions and answers about teeth whitening:

Is Pain or Sensitivity Normal After Whitening?

Yes, it is normal to experience mild pain or sensitivity after teeth whitening. This can be caused by the chemicals used during the whitening process or temporary sensitivity caused by the procedure. However, this pain or sensitivity usually passes within a few days.

How Long Does Whitening Take?

The duration of teeth whitening depends on the method used and the individual situation. Professional whitening in the office usually takes a few hours, while home whitening kits can be used for several weeks. Your dentist will carry out an assessment to determine the most appropriate treatment time for you.

Are Whitening Results Permanent?

Teeth whitening results are usually not permanent. Discolouration can be caused by re-consumption of coloured foods and drinks or tobacco products. However, with regular dental hygiene and periodic check-ups, it is possible to maintain the whitening results for longer.

To learn more about teeth whitening, it is important to contact your dentist. You can contact our dentist to determine the most suitable treatment method for you and to give detailed information about the treatment process.

Teeth Whitening Cost and Process

Teeth whitening may vary depending on various factors in terms of treatment process and cost. Here are the factors affecting the cost and process of teeth whitening:

Cost Factors

There are many factors that affect the cost of teeth whitening and these can include

Method Used: Professional whitening in the office is usually more costly than home whitening kits.

Treatment Duration: Treatment time is another factor that affects the cost. Professional whitening done in the office usually gives faster results, while home whitening kits can cover a longer period of time.

Condition of Teeth: The colour and condition of the teeth affect the cost of treatment. Especially for patients with more intense stains or who want to change the colour of their teeth, there may be additional costs.

Dentist Preference: Factors such as the experience of the dentist, the technology used and the location of the clinic can also affect the cost.

Appointment Process and Treatment Planning

Teeth whitening treatment usually requires several appointments and the process works as follows:

Preliminary Assessment: After a preliminary assessment by the dentist, the condition of the patient’s teeth and whitening expectations are determined.

Treatment Planning: According to the needs and preferences of the patient, the dentist determines the appropriate treatment method and creates the treatment plan.

Whitening Procedure: Depending on the method chosen, the whitening process is carried out by the dentist or the patient at home.

Final Check-ups: The effectiveness of the treatment and the condition of the teeth are evaluated and, if necessary, additional treatments or care recommendations are provided.

Teeth whitening treatment is a process that varies according to individual needs and preferences. Our dentist will carry out an assessment to create the most suitable treatment plan for you and provide information on cost.

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